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After three years of research and editting, SIM #6 - Apollo CSM, began shipping in late June, 2003. David Weeks and I have worked hard to compress ten years of Dave's research and scale drawings into a 61-page modeler's reference work.

In describing the Apollo CSM, there are really have two spacecraft to cover, the original block I and the lunar-capable block II version. On top of that, several vehicles were hybrids, so it is a complex story. See the configuration table for an idea of this evolution. All manned missions and a few key unmanned spacecraft are covered in this volume. Dave Weeks covers this history while explaining the technology behind these hardware changes. NASA drawings, scale views by David, and photographs are used to cover all of this in a way that model builders can use on their workbench. See the Apollo references section of this website for some on-line info that complements the printed volume. Additionally, there is a page of links to color versions of all of the photos used in the book.

As is standard with the SIM series, in addition to the description of the hardware, a kit listing is provided plus reviews of the majority of scale models commonly available. Karl Dodenhoff provides a fine, detailed review of the Monogram 1/32nd scale CSM.

The book is printed on high quality coated paper and is shipped via first class mail.

$14.00 plus shipping

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