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"Space Shuttle" (SIM #3) focuses on NASA's reusable spaceplane, and includes scale drawings showing the various thermal protection patterns used on all six Orbiters, and how they have varied over the first ten years of Shuttle operations. The 38-page book also includes a section on how to detail the Shuttle stack, drawings of payload bay details, and scale drawings of common Shuttle payloads like Spacelab and the Manned Maneuvering Unit. There is also a comprehensive kit review section.

This volume was first published in 1992.  A second printing of 200 copies was done in 1997.  There was probably another since then.  These all sold out in late 2009 and only photocopies were available until I reprinted 50 copies (from scans) in April 2010.  Those sold out in early 2012 so all I have again are photocopies. In July 2013 I re-created the book in modern software and am offering a downloadble pdf version.
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$8.00 plus shipping for photocopy.

$7.00 for download.

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