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To order, follow these steps:

If you are paying by mailing me a check or cash or money order, use the form at this link.

If you are using Paypal, follow these steps:

1. Click on the "Add to Cart" buttons below for the books you want. At the Paypal site you can change quantities if you want more than one copy. To order different titles, just click on the "Continue Shopping" button at Paypal and it takes you back here (allow the window to close). For the pdf downloads, the Paypal link will take you to the download page (maybe) and I will send you links via email.
NOTE:  Apparently Paypal can only handle one download link per transaction. If you order more than one download, you may only get a link to the last one on your order. And sometimes for no particular reason, Paypal does not forward you to the download site at all. So for all orders I will send an email reply with all the links. 

Title PDF Version Photocopy Book Version
SIM 1.1 - The New Scale Spacecraft Primer

SIM 2 - Gemini

SIM 3 - Space Shuttle

SIM 4 - Soviet Spacecraft $10

SIM 5 - Mercury $10

SIM 6 - Apollo CSM $10

SIM 7 - Apollo Lunar Module

SIM 8 - Space Suits
(includes link to Photo Appendix)

SIM 9 - Coming Soon! 

SIM TR-1 - Skylab

SIM TR-2 - Mir

SIM TR-3 - Nova

2.  If you want a Space Modelers Pin, order here:

Space Modelers Pin - Price includes postage

3. Because PayPal charges me a service fee ($0.92 for a $16 order), an additional donation is appreciated to cover those costs (and it saves you a stamp and a check).  Use the button below for that if you want.  If you don't click on the "Add to Cart" button, nothing is added. 

Donation Level
4.  When you are done, click on the "View Cart" button and finish the transaction at Paypal.  I will get an email from Paypal with your order.

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