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Space In Miniature (SIM) is a series of monographs (magazine style booklets of about 40 to 60 pages each) that covers various topics in the area of building scale models of real spacecraft. I am the editor/author of these books and an engineer in the aerospace industry.  I feel very fortunate to have been able to combine my interest in space in both my hobby and my profession.

These books are not intended to be a history of the topic, like Gemini or the Russian space program. Instead, they are designed to provide the serious "real space" modeler with the scale data and modeling information that cannot be found anywhere else, at least compiled in one place. Occasionally a mild historical treatment is necessary to describe how and why the appearance of a space vehicle may have changed over the course of the program. The emphasis is on the exterior details and features of interest to model builders (and graphic artists, for that matter) via the use of scale drawings and other line drawings. I have spent years collecting this material and am happy to share it with my modeling friends.

I am an aerospace engineer and a long-time modeler who has been active for many years in this topic as a member of the International Plastic Modelers Society (IPMS). I served as editor of CRAZED PLASTIC (formerly published by the Gateway Chapter of the International Plastic Modelers Society [IPMS]), published the quarterly Scale Spacecraft Newsletter, and once had a a column on space modeling in the IPMS Journal. I have also served as the chief category judge for Space and Science Fiction at the annual National Contest of IPMS from about 1990 thru 2007.

There are nine books available in the Space In Miniature series. SIM #8 - Space Suits is the latest in the hard-copy series. Several volumes have sold out of their original print run (SIM #1, SIM #2, SIM #4, SIM #5) and are available only as photocopies.   A new volume on Skylab became available in September 2010 as a pdf download.

SIM #1 - A Scale Spacecraft Primer
SIM #2 - Gemini
SIM #3 - Space Shuttle
SIM #4 - Soviet Spacecraft
SIM #5 - Mercury
SIM #6 - Apollo CSM
SIM #7 - Apollo LM

SIM TR-1 - Skylab

SIM #8 - Space Suits

SIM TR-2 - Mir

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