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[SIM #1 Cover] The first book in the Space In Miniature series has been completely updated and is now known as "The New Scale Spacecraft Primer." About two-thirds of the 40 page booklet is all-new, with commentary on the history of real space modeling in the 25 years since the original edition was released in 1990. It was long past time for an update.

This book is available in both hard copy (black and white magazine style, as all the others) and a digital version (a pdf with full color). Most of the book is brand new material, with about 14 pages retained from the original edition. I kept (and updated in some cases) some articles that were still useful (Ariane, Space Operations Center review, Viking Mars Lander, etc.) but the rest is all new or recycled from my old IPMS Journal columns. With the 25th anniversary of SIM and the 50th anniversary of IPMS/USA, I have several retrospective articles, including commentary from Kevin Atkins, Sven Kundson, and Mat Irvine. There is new content on my Curiosity Mars rover, the DC-X, the Revell Astronaut with MMU, and several other examples of scratchbuilding real space models. I think you will enjoy the commentaries as well as the new reference material.

This page revised July 12, 2015