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This volume on the Mercury program is the fifth in the Space In Miniature series. While the previous volumes were all based on some prior article (largely from articles in CRAZED PLASTIC), this new work is all original and the information has never been compiled in one place before.

This 57-page monograph has been newly revised in late 2105, completely recreated using modern software with a new article on building the old Revell kit and an updated kit list. The book includes everything a modeler would ever need to know about all of the Mercury capsules, from the boilerplates to the unflown Freedom 7 II. With over 80 photos and line drawings, the differences among the capsules are explained in detail. A very thorough section summarizes the hardware differences on a mission by mission basis. Scale drawings of all capsule marking variations are included. There are nine pages of kit reviews plus illustrated modeling articles by David Weeks, Ken Harman, and Mike Mackowski.

This volume was released in July, 1999, and all of the 500 original copies were sold out by the end of 2002. In March, 2004, 300 more copies were printed to the original quality by the same printshop. In that time, however, printing costs went up, so the price was set at $14 plus postage. These sold out in December 2009 and currently only photocopies or a pdf are available. The book was regenerated in late 2015 in order to have a clean pdf available with color photos (where available). See the order form to purchase a copy.

$11.00 plus shipping for a B&W photocopy of the updated version

$10.00 for a color pdf of the updated version

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