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After four years since the last print volume, Space In Miniature #8 - Space Suits is now available.   Researched and written by Karl Dodenhoff, this book describes all of the space suits developed and used by NASA from Mercury to the Space Station.  This 60-page soft-bound book is printed in black and white on coated paper, and has over one hundred line drawings and photographs that provide the model builder a comprehensive technical reference on this subject.  Covering everything from early manned space gear, the Apollo lunar surface exploration suits, to the free-flying backpacks used by Gemini and Space Shuttle astronauts, this guidebook is a unique resource for the serious space modeler.

In addition to a pictorial review of space suit development, a thorough listing of scale figure kits is provided, along with five pages of kit reviews.  Additionally, Karl has a feature article on building an accurate version of the old Aurora “American Astronaut” kit.  In fact, he found so much material that over fifty additional photos and diagrams were placed in a Photo Appendix, available to customers as a downloaded pdf file.

As with most of the SIM books, we provide links, starting here, to color versions of all of the photos used in the book.

Here is a link to Karl's own My Little Space Museum website.

This volume was released in February 2012. The book is printed on high quality coated paper and is shipped via first class mail.

$12.00 plus shipping

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