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"Gemini" is the title of SIM #2. This 34-page book provides a detailed accounting of how to build an accurate model of the Gemini spacecraft using the Revell kit. This book also reveals the differences between the mock-up on which the kit is based and the real flight vehicles. Based on material originally published in CRAZED PLASTIC, it has been extensively revised and features 72 figures including 13 photos (some never published before) and many scale drawings.

This volume was first published in 1990 and the fourth print run was in 1998. This batch is now sold out, but photocopies are available.
In July 2013 I re-created the book in modern software and am offering a downloadble pdf version. See the order form to purchase.

$8.00 plus shipping for photocopy.

$7.00 for download.

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