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This is the first in a series of short versions of the Space In Miniature series called “Tech Reports”.  These will be on topics too short for full length printed books.  This first volume is an expanded version of a short article I published in SIM #1 - A Scale Spacecraft Primer.  That booklet is getting somewhat dated so this new publication is also an attempt to offer expanded and updated versions of older material.

When I was in college I was a co-op engineer at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center when Skylab was launched.  That, plus my time at McDonnell Douglas got me access to a lot of Skylab data.  In 1975 I scratch-built a 1/96th scale model.  This book compiles the best of that experience and material.

These Tech Reports will only be available via electronic download and payment via Paypal.  It allows the use of color illustrations, and simplifies my life by eliminating the need to fill orders, store boxes of books, run to the post office, etc. The reports can also be updated as needed.  When I receive your order, I will send you an e-mail with a link to the pdf file.  It is about 42MB file.

If you have obtained a copy of this via any other means than the Space In Miniature website you have an unauthorized copy.  I would request that you visit my website and make an appropriate payment and also inform me of your source of this publication.

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This volume was released in September 2010.

This page modified August 14, 2012