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SIM #6 and #7

I have two books that cover the Apollo spacecraft. The first, SIM #6, focused on the CSM, and was released in June, 2003. SIM #7, released in Sept. 2007, covers the Lunar Module. I have posted a few additional resources on this web site to complement the books.

Apollo Configuration Summary

I have a comparison table of all Apollo missions on this website. The table shows the major external differences between all the manned Apollo missions that are significant to modelers. This may not be 100% comprehensive, as I don't cover all boilerplate missions. The table is just a summary for referenace and there is much more detail in the books.

Web Links

I have a short listing of web references for the historical treatment as well as modeling resources. Those links are listed here.

Photos Used in SIM #6 and SIM #7

Since the books emphasize modeling information, it stresses info that you can't find in other places. My philosophy on photos is to use them only when they illustrate a feature useful to modelers. Otherwise, there are many nice books and websites that offer suitable photos with much better print quality or full color.

Since many of the photos in SIM #6 and #7 are off the web, click on these links:

SIM #6 Apollo CSM
SIM #7 Apollo LM
to get to a page of thumbnails of all of the photos used. Those thumbnails are linked to full sized color images for your detailed reference.

Apollo Lunar Module

Monogram Kit Build

I have some photos posted here.  The model is finally complete as of January 2, 2007.

Kit Reviews for the Book

The list of LM kits is posted here.

Research Topics

In working on the Monogram kit and doing research for the book, I ran across a lot of conflicting information.  Part of this was due to actual changes in the configuration of the Lunar Module, but some is due to misleading museum artifacts.  A particular example is the egress porch on the Descent Stage of the LM.  The kit's porch is too long, which results in the handrails being too large.  Additionally the ladder in the kit has one too many rungs.  See this page for a complete discussion.

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