Monogram 1/48th Scale Apollo Lunar Module

Here are some photos of my LM, which is finally complete.  These photos were taken in January 2007, and this kit will be the basis of a detailed build-up article in SIM #7.



This is a photo I took in 1979 when I started the model and installed a full interior.  I got it partway done and stopped.  When it became time to write SIM #7, it was a good excuse to finish the model.


This shows the Quad I deployed MESA.


This shows some details of the porch and Quad IV.  See also the discussion of the porch and ladder.


Here is a detail of Quad III.  Note the scratchbuilt landing radar, and modified ALSEP bay, which was highly modified from the kit.  I also am pretty proud of the scratchbuilt RTG cask.

quad iv

This is a view of some of the details on the top of the Ascent Stage.  All of the antennas were replaced or heavily rebuilt from what was in the kit.


Now I can write this up and focus on getting the book done.  Stay tuned. 

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