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Here, I'd like to share some of my work with you.

I've been building models of real spacecraft since I was in junior high school. My first scratchbuild project was back in 1967 (or '68 maybe) when I built a Surveyor out of wooden swizzle sticks, cardboard, and various parts from car model kits (like hub cab landing pads and such). I have posted some pictures of that and many more projects I've completed over the years. Occasionally, I have done some models of satellites or design studies for my employer.

I also have a rendition of the International Space Station in the configuration from 2004-2006.  I used the Start kit and modified it.

Here is a photo weblog of my 1/144 Mir build. There is also a detailed in-process article of detailing the Revell 1/48 Mercury capsule.

The links at left take you to the photos and articles.

I also enjoy building aircraft models (of course).  I mostly do prototypes, experimental vehicles, and '50s jets.  I have photos of some X-planes posted here.  Since I worked at McDonnell Douglas in St. Louis for 15 years, I also have a collection of MCAIR products.  Some of my recent aircraft models can be seen here, even a change-of-pace car model!

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This page updated March 26, 2010