Trumpeter Shenzhou (Chinese Spaceship)

With the launch of China's third manned space flight in September of 2008, I thought I'd take the Trumpeter 1/72nd kit and do a small modification to make the Shenzhou 7 version featuring the EVA.  My goal was to do an "80%" job, where I could finish the model over a couple of weekends.  It didn't work out that easy, but it was a quicker job than many I have done.

The main change was to modify the orbital module (OM) for the EVA mission.  Unfortunately I did not find accurate references until I was well into painting, but I got close.  The OM changes included leaving off the thruster quads, opening the EVA hatch, adding some handrails, a camera, and the oxygen tanks and subsatellite on the nose.  Most everything else was out of the box.

Here are some in process shots.

Some things that I didn't do included:

Here are the results.  Click on the small image to see a larger version.


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