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History and Modeling References

(Page 48 in SIM #6)

Spacecraft, Rockets, Missiles, and X-Planes Sven Knudson's site is the best starting point for any serious Real Space Modeler. It has tons of links to great references, including info on the on-line Yahoo discussion group for Space Modelers.
Karl Dodenhoff's My Little Space Museum Karl Dodenhoff has a great personal collection of Apollo history with an emphasis on modeling.
The Apollo Saturn Reference Page John Duncan's excellent site offers the modeler and space buff a great resource on the Apollo spacecraft and Saturn boosters.
NASA History - Apollo Don't forget to check out NASA's history site.
The Project Apollo Archive Kipp Teague's site includes a list of museums where Apollo hardware can be seen.
The Saturn V Clinic Rick Sternbach shows how to accurize the Revell 1/96th scale Saturn V kit.


Modeling Supplies

(Page 61 in SIM #6)

RealSpace Models Glenn Johnson has David Weeks' drawings plus resin and photoetch sets to enhance (or replace) your old Revell and Monogram Apollo kits.
NewWare Models Tomas Kladiva has great decals and photoetch sets for Apollo subjects.
EVA Models Besides the astronaut figures, Chris Chulamanis offers decals in 1/32nd scale that can be used on the figures that come with the Monogram kit.
Rick Sternbach Studio In addition to his Saturn V Clinic info site, Rick offers a great set of decals for the CSM in various scales, as well as for the Saturn V itself.
Bare Metal Foil This material is a great help in getting that natural metal finish on your models.
Chrome Tech USA Here is a way to get parts (like a Command Module) chrome plated.

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