Lunar Module Kit List

(With Reviewers for SIM #7)

There are a multitude of Apollo model kits. Some are rare, several had multiple re-issues, and others are Lunar Module only. A complete list may be found on Sven Knudson's web site. Since this book focuses on the LM, this list only includes kits that do not involve the Saturn  launch vehicle or the CSM.

CORRECTIONS/ADDITIONS - I made some changes 7/7/07 which reflects what will appear in the book.


Manufacturer Reviewer
Scale #
Kit Name Notes

1/200 018 Part of "Apollo Lunar Orbiter"
AMT Jay Chadlek 1/200 5955 Several releases:
"Apollo 11 (Columbia & Eagle)",
"Apollo Spacecraft & L.E.M.",
"Apollo 10 (Snoopy & Charlie Brown)"
Also in Saturn V and "Man In Space" kits
R&L Jay Chadlek 1/200

Australian cereal premium
Aurora Jay Chadlek 1/200
9254 "Explorers of Space" Contains Apollo CSM, LM, and other objects
Minicraft/ Hasegawa
Jay Chadlek 1/200 1628 Transportation in Miniature
Contains Apollo CSM, LM, and radio telescope.

Airfix Jay Chadlek 1/144
With Saturn V
Monogram Jay Chadlek 1/144
With Saturn V  

1/96 H-1862 "Columbia & Eagle" version of H-1836
1/96 H-1836
Initial issue of classic CSM & LM kit 1969
1/96 4806  
Apollo: Columbia & Eagle (1994), 25th Anniversary 
1/96 L210 Programme Apollo Includes Heller kits L019 & L021
Aoshima Barry Davidoff 1/96 SS-02
Apollo Spacecraft CSM/LM w/base
Aoshima Barry Davidoff 1/96 024595 Apollo Command Module + Lunar Module
1/96 800-650 Apollo 11 Columbia and Eagle Young Model Builder's Club
Nikken F. Messeri
1/80 001 Lunar Module Eagle

Lunar Module (?)
Tamiya Barry Davidoff 1/70 A-102 Apollo Lunar Spacecraft Kit A-101 includes CSM only
Tamiya Barry Davidoff 1/70 A-103 Apollo Lunar Spacecraft Includes A-101 and A-102 plus SLA
Doyusha Barry Davidoff 1/48 LM1-800
Apollo Lunar Module Eagle

Monogram 1/48 5503, 6872 First Lunar Landing
Lunar Module, astronauts, etc.
Revell Gary Kitmacher
1/48 H-1838
Apollo Lunar Spacecraft CSM, LM, LES, SLA
G-1839 American Space Program (includes Revell kits H-1835, H-1838 & H-1837)
H-1847 American Space Pioneers Includes H-1838 & Mercury & Gemini (H-1834)
H-1855, G-1855
Adventure in Space Gift Set Includes Revell kits H-1835, H-1838, & H-1837
8644 Apollo Lunar Spacecraft (1983), History Makers II  (same as 1838?)
04808 Apollo: Lunar Module Eagle and Spacecraft Columbia (1994), 25th Anniversary
New Ware
Enhancement kit for Monogram Expected early 2007
New Ware
Mercury - Gemini - Apollo Decals

Space Model Systems
1/48 LM48
Apollo LM
Decals for LM

Aoshima  Barry Davidoff 1/40
Lunar Module

Vista Replicas
Lunar Module Resin and PE, ~2000
Accurate Models
All In One Lunar Module All variants included, expected early 2007

1/28 4308
Included CSM, LM and moon globe

Burns, John W., "In Plastic - Rocket, Missile and Spacecraft Kits", 1987
Sven Knudson's "Ninfinger Productions:  Scale Models",

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