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Post IPMS/USA National Convention

Well, another IPMS Nats is over and what a great time it was. We had an awesome turnout in the Real Space categories and the quality was impressive. It was good to see Dave Carlton back with a wonderful set of Vanguard rockets. I have the stats up from the contest here, and you can check the IPMS sites like this and this for photos. I also posted my own photos here. These include photos of a side trip to NASA Wallops Island visitor center with David Weeks and Manny Gutsche.

I have links to my presentation on the history of space modeling at the IPMS conventions here.

The Space Modelers t-shirts were very popular and are nearly gone.  See this page for details on the remaining stock.

SIM 4 - Soviet Spacecraft is Now Available as a Digital Download

The fourth book in the Space In Miniature series, Soviet Spacecraft, has been out of print for over ten years with only photocopies available. I have finally finished completely regenerating the book using modern software, and have added some new material. The new version ("4.1") is now available as a clean 152 MB pdf download for only $10.

All of the original content remains, including a comprehensive set of scale drawings of the manned spacecraft of the former Soviet Union. These include Vostok, Voskhod, Soyuz, Progress, Salyut 6 and 7, and Mir. There is also information on available model kits of Russian spacecraft as well as articles on scratchbuilding and accurizing these kits. The updated material includes color versions of the Soyuz and Progress isometric sketches and color photos. Two new features have been added as new content. The first is a detailed kit review (by Joe Suszynski and Jim Griffiths) of the old Airfix Soyuz launch vehicle (R7) that includes illustrations of how to correct the many deficiencies of this old model. The other new content is a scale drawing of the BOR-4 (Cosmos 1445) lifting body vehicle that is the genesis of the Dream Chaser space vehicle being developed as a candidate for the NASA Commercial Crew program. This results in the page count going up from 41 to 49 plus covers.

I will offer photocopies (of the original version) for those who still desire a hard copy. See the order page to purchase.

What's Next?

My next project would be to write a complete update of the SIM #1 Primer with a lot of new material. I am open to suggestions for what you would like to see in such a revised introduction to space modeling. Somewhere in there I will make convert the Mercury  book into a pdf format.

Pins are Back!

Due to popular demand, we made another run of 200 Space Modelers pin, featuring the logo of the Yahoo Group for real space modelers (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/space-modeler).  You can order them on my main order form page. You can also get one via Glenn Johnson at RealSpace Models.  The price is a buck more due to the lower quantity and higher postage.

Model Gallery

Photos of my recent builds can be found in the Model Gallery section of this site.    

Space Books for Sale

I am in the process of thinning my collection of space-related books. I am getting rid of anything that is not directly modeling related. I have a lot of stuff on space history, and I once thought I'd write something on a space enthusiast's view of all of the exploration programs that never got off the drawing board. But that'll never happen. And I need room on my shelves. See this page for details.

About SIM

I am an engineer in the aerospace industry, and my hobby interests are centered around building scale models of real spacecraft. This quickly gets into the history of space, as there are few space kits out there and much research is required to come up with the plans and data needed to scratchbuild accurate spacecraft models. This activity led me to publish the results of some of my research in the form of 40-page monographs (magazines or booklets, I guess) on how to build accurate models of real spacecraft. I also have this internet site to augment those paper publications.

The book series is called Space in Miniature (SIM). Click here for more info or use the links at left.

This web site was established in the summer of 1999 to solicit inputs on the Mercury volume.  I used this web site to post preliminary findings and to get feedback from other researchers. This has worked out great, and I appreciate hearing from so many of you. To order books, check out the order form.

You can also keep up with me on Facebook.

Thanks for your interest,

Mike Mackowski

Credit Cards Accepted via PayPal

You can purchase books using your credit card via my PayPal account. While I prefer checks (PayPal gets 92 cents for every copy of SIM #6 I sell using their service) this should make ordering simpler for you, particularly international customers.

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