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  I'm not even going to attempt to assemble an all-inclusive list of web sites related to space modelling. (It turns out Sven Knudson has already done that!) But I will provide pointers to the most useful ones. From these, the real space modeler should be able to find most any web-based resource.

Sven Knudson's Scale Models: Spacecraft, Rockets, Missiles, and X-Planes!

Sven has the most complete web site for space modeling that I have found. He has a lot of great content, including kit reviews and model and reference photos. He has started up a great e-mail based discussion list for space modeling enthusiasts, and you can join from his site. He also has a long list of links to other space and X-plane modeling sites, manufacturers, and various other useful references.

These are two of the best sources for resin kits of real space vehicles. RealSpace Models has a lot of great resin kits of manned spacecraft and unmanned satellites. New Ware specializes in detailing sets (photo-etch and resin) and decals.

Glenn Johnson's RealSpace Models

Tom Kladiva's New Ware

Sven's site has tons of links to great references, and here several other useful sites:

NASA HQ History Office

Mark Wade's Encyclopedia Astronautica

Karl Dodenhoff's My Little Space Museum

John Duncan's The Apollo Saturn Reference Page

Apollo Archive Image Gallery

Greg Bondar's N-1 Photo Clearinghouse

John Burton's Tranquility Base Today

This page revised 6/9/15