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This section is intended to augment the books. Your comments are welcome.

I have added some drawings of the new Hubble Space Telescope solar arrays.

The Apollo section should see some update soon, as I am back to work on the CSM book. This will help me get feedback on the new SIM #6 - Apollo CSM and provide some summary data.

The Mercury section has the culmination of my research used on my newest book, plus some supplemental info and photos.

The Gemini section has an additional image and will eventually have some supplemental data that I found after the book was published. I also hope to put some Gemini B and Big G material there eventually.

I also have some early Soyuz photos on the Soviet Space page.

There are some Transtage drawings in the Other Material category.

In March 2000, I added a section on the Space Shuttle.

This page revised Sept. 4, 2006