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This section of this web site has some miscellaneous info that doesn't fit anywhere else. Much of this will be posted in response to discussions on the Space Modelers e-mail list.


The Transtage was the upper stage used on many low Earth orbit payloads lofted by the Titan rocket. Martin Marietta built several versions of this vehicle.

The linked drawing show a three view of the basic Transtage. These are large scans but it was needed to show the detail.

The second drawing shows the thermal control finish for the stage. The specific materials are mentioned, but I am afraid I have not figured out what all of it means in terms of actual color.

Compton Gamma Ray Observatory

I actually worked onthe power modules that were used on this satellite.  A couple of NASA sites are:

Meanwhile, I got some drawings from NASA HQ years ago and have scans below (click on the thumbnail to open a larger image).  Note that the set of four images (a large drawing scanned in sections) is dated 1983 while the other scan is dated 1985.  The main change seems to be in the solar array lock down points and the change from a long solar array boom to a shorter boom plus a yoke.

1985 version:  1985        Blanket colors:  GRO Colors

1983 version:   1983-4 1983-31983-21983-1

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