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After the 1998 IPMS National Convention in Santa Clara, CA, some of the folks in the space modeling community (mostly Sven Knudson) decided we could use an email discussion group to stay in touch. That evolved into the Yahoo Groups Space Modelers list which was formed in 1998. After many get-togethers at IPMS conventions, Kevin Kilkenny decided to create a commemorative pin for folks who like to build models of real space vehicles. It would help find each other at those sort of events. See this page for more details. We are now on the third run of these pins (photo at left), and you can order one on the main order form site, or with this button (postage is included).

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In 2013 I decided the Yahoo! Space Modelers group members might be interested in a t-shirt with the group logo. So I had a prototype made and showed it that year in Colorado. The design I used was a stylized version of the logo to remove the backing color and add some faded images of model kit sprue runners (see artwork at left). I asked the group for feedback and so I had 45 shirts made (see image below left). The shirts are 100% cotton in Ice Gray and are adult male sizes.

We had a great response and a lot of folks got shirts for the August 5, 2014 IPMS/USA National Convention in Virginia but I only have one shirt remaining, size Medium. The price is $26.00, which includes shipping (to US addresses), my Paypal fees, and I have only added about $1 for my trouble. If you think this is such a cool idea that you would like to give me a little bonus, use the second button in addition. I can also take a check, so send me an email if that is easier for you and we will work out the details.

Postage outside the US is a bit higher so those customers should send me an email and I will determine shipping based on your location.

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Thanks for your interest.

Mike Mackowski

Detail of front lettering

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