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Several years after the Yahoo Groups Space Modelers list was formed and after many get-togethers at IPMS conventions, Kevin Kilkenny decided to create a commemorative pin for folks who like to build models of real space vehicles.

This pin debuted at the IPMS/USA National Convention in Atlanta in July 2005. Kevin had 100 made and they sold out by the end of that year. In 2006 I had 300 new ones made using the cloisonne process. Compare to the original pin hereGlenn Johnson at RealSpace Models and I both sold them and they were gone by May 2012.

They're Back!

Because of continued interest, we had another 200 made in July 2013. The price is a little higher because of the smaller quantity and higher postage.

We are now selling them for $6 each including postage. Please use the main order page on this website to order. If you also order some SIM books, the pin will be sent separately in a padded envelope.

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