Early Soyuz Images

Someone on the Space Modelers e-mail list asked for photos showing the tubing that went around the radiator on the Equipment Section of the early Soyuz. They were also interested in the back side (structure) of the solar arrays.

I have some old photocopies from the April 27, 1970 Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine. The photos are of a display of Soyuz 4 and 5 from Expo 70 in Osaka, Japan. I remember going to the main library in downtown Milwaukee as a student and pouring through these magazines for info so I could scratchbuild a Soyuz. The first two images (1, 2 - click on them to see larger versions) are scans from those bad photocopies, so please pardon the quality, but you can see how the tubing makes a bend on the very top of the equipment section and somehow gets manifolded there and connected to the inside of the module. I wish I had better pictures but these should help. The array panel structure is also apparent, and a drawing of this pattern may be found on page 8 of my book.





Photo 3 is of the same exhibit, but from an original copy of Product Engineering magazine, April 13, 1970.

Photo 4 is a color photo of the same mock up (not sure if it is still at Expo 70 here) from the cover of the October 1973 issue of Space World magazine. You can see the coolant loops going completely around the bottom of the vehicle. Note the blue trim paint on the Soyuz and the gray toroidal tank. These are colors that apply to the museum display only.





Photo 5 is an image from an on-board video camera of Soyuz 4 from Soyuz 5. Note the deployed sun shades on the forward Orbital Module and above the solar panel. Note the front face of the docking surface is not completely smooth. (Thanks for Juliane Mathes for the photo.)

Photo 6 is from the Energia corporate history book ("Raketo-kosmicheskaia Korporatsiia Energiia") and shows an excellent view of an early Soyuz being prepared for flight. Note the folded sun shields (and antennas) and the details of the docking plane. (Again, click on the image to get a larger view.)






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