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General Space Exploration Books

Title Author Year Description Condition Price Notes
...for the Benefit of All Mankind General Electric 1980? GE Aerospace color booklet on space benefits Excellent 2 40 pages, softbound
1991 Integrated Technology Plan NASA HQ 1991 Internal Office of Aeronautics and Space Technology plan for research and technology Excellent 10 ~100 pages, softbound
50 Years in Science, 30 Years in Space Los Alamos Natl Lab 1992 LANL capabilities brochure Excellent 2 36 pages, softbound
Aeritalia for Space Aeritalia 1987 Aeritalia capabilities brochure, many color illustrations Excellent 2 31 pages, softbound
Aeronautics and Space Report of the President NASA 1993 Fiscal year 1992 activities, mostly text Mint 2 111 pages, softbound
AeroSpace Daimler-Benz Aerospace AG 1997 Nov. 1997 issue of corporate magazine; many color photos Excellent 2 59 pages, magazine
All About the European Space Agency ESA 1992 Newsletter style brochure on ESA capabilities. Ariane chart and Hermes concept. Excellent 2 8 page color newsletter
Atlas for EOS Launch Services General Dynamics 1991 Atlas family user guide for EOS program Excellent 5 3-hole bound
Beyond Earth's Boundaries NASA 1988 Human Exploration of the Solar System in the 21st Century. Annual report to the Administrator B&W copy 2 Approx 100 pages. 2 copies
Beyond Earth's Boundaries NASA 1988 Human Exploration of the Solar System in the 21st Century. Annual report to the Administrator; color illustrations Mint 5 51 pages, softbound
British Aerospace Space Systems n/a 1990? British Aerospace product brochure Excellent 2 22 pages, softbound, color
BusinessWeek n/a 1983 June 20, 1983 special issue on "A Return to Space" Good 2 Magazine
EOS - A Mission to Planet Earth NASA HQ 1990 Overview of multi-platform Earth Observing System Excellent 5 36 pages, softbound
Exploration Studies Technical Report - FY 1988 Status NASA HQ 1988 Office of Exploration report, Vol. 1, Technical Summary. TM-4075 Photocopy 5 46 pages, softbound
Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Mission Lockheed Missiles & Space Co 1993 First servicing mission press reference guide Mint 20 3-hole bound
Human Exploration of Space National Research Council 1990 A review of NASA's 90-Day Study and alternatives Photocopy 5 62 pages
IEEE Spectrum, Sept. 1983 n/a 1983 Special issue on 25 years of space exploration Good 2 130 page magazine
Leadership and America's Future in Space S. Ride 1987 The Ride Report on the post-Challenger crossroads in space policy Mint 15 63 pages, color softbound
Life Magazine, May 1991 n/a 1991 Special Issue: Mars Our Next Home Excellent 2 Complete issue
Lift-off Magazine, Mar/Apr 1983 n/a 1983 Features on space power satellites, SDI, etc. Good 2 42 pages, softbound
Mechanics Magazine, Dec. 1983 n/a 1983 Japanese magazine with photo feature on all X planes Excellent 5 128 pages, softbound
NASA Programs Lockheed 1992? Lockheed Missiles and Space color brochure on their space products Mint 2 16 pages, color
NASA Tech House NASA 1978 NASA prototype house with energy saving and other space tech features, EP-149 Excellent 2 19 pages, softbound
Omni Magazine - Special Edition - The Conquest of Space n/a 1983 October 1983 "Special Anniversary Collector's Edition" Fair, torn crease 2 Magazine
Origins of NASA Names Helen T. Wells, et al 1976 An explanation of how NASA programs, hardware, facilities were named Excellent 10 NASA SP-4402, 227 pages
Project Pathfinder NASA HQ 1987 Research and tecnology to enable future space missions; color illustrations Excellent 2 28 pages, softbound
Report of the Committe on the Space Station of the NRC National Research Council 1987 Final report on the Space Station by the NRC Excellent 5 21 pages, photocopy
Space Colony - Frontier of the 21st Century Franklin M. Branley 1982 Broad conceptual description of life on a future space colony Excellent 5 100 pages, hardbound
Space Exploration NASA MSFC 1991 Poster - brochure folds into envelope-sized; concept art on future exploration Excellent 2 SEI related
Space Illustrated, August 1982 n/a 1982 Japanese magazine with features on original Apollo concepts, mil space, X-20, etc. Excellent 5 96 pages, softbound
Spinoff 1977 NASA 1977 Annual spinoff report, color photos Excellent 2 116 pages, softbound
Spinoff 1981 NASA 1981 Annual spinoff report, color photos Excellent 2 126 pages, softbound
Spinoff 1982 NASA 1982 Annual spinoff report, color photos Excellent 2 132 pages, softbound
Spinoff 1986 NASA 1986 Annual spinoff report, color photos Excellent 2 129 pages, softbound
Spinoff 1988 NASA 1988 Annual spinoff report, color photos Excellent 2 148 pages, softbound
Spinoff 1992 NASA 1992 Annual spinoff report, color photos Excellent 2 144 pages, softbound
The Moon Treaty - Hearings Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation 1980 Hearings before the Subcommittee on Science, Technology, and Space Fair (no cover) 5 267 pages, softbound
The NASA Program in the 1990s and Beyond CBO 1988 Congressional Budget Office study of budget outlook for NASA manned missions beyond LEO. B&W Excellent 2 85 pages, softbound
The Next Step: Large Space Structrues NASA 1982 Brochure on future large space structures, NASA Facts NF-129 Good 1 8 pages
The Overview Effect Frank White 1987 A philosophical view of the impact of space travel on humanity Excellent 20 Autographed, hardbound
The US Civil Space Program: A Review of the Major Issues AIAA Task Force 1986 Report of an AIAA workshop on Post-Challenger crisis in space policy Excellent 15 85 pages, comb-bound
The US Civil Space Program: An AIAA Assessment AIAA Task Force 1986 Sept. 86 draft of an Executive summary, follow up to the workshop report Exceelent 10 69 pages, photocopy
What is the Value of Space Exploration - A Prairie Perspective Univ. of North Dakota 1995 Symposium proceedings from North Dakota Excellent 5 33 pages, softbound
Why Space is Important Rockwell International 1981 Rockwell booklet on benefits of space exploration Excellent 5 53 pages, softbound
World Space Congress Exhibitors Program n/a 1992 Program book from the 1992 Congress Excellent 2 40 pages, softbound

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